Recording Studio


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Flower Canyon Studio offers you the best equipment for your recording in an ideal environment

The studio room is about 25m2, fully equipped and acoustically conditioned with a 18 Track Recording System (Pro Tools HD). The studio has a swimming pool & BBQ area for customers.

If you are looking for the ideal environment for your recording, away from noise and stress, and with all the instruments and materials needed to get the sound you want, do not hesitate. Flower Canyon Music is your recording studio. Check out all the equipment we offer and book your appointment.


Recording room

25m2, acoustically conditioned.
With an 18-track recording system (Pro Tools HD)
and all the necessary equipment:

  • Microphones

  • Amplifiers

  • Guitars, basses, pedal steel

  • Organs & keyboards

  • Drums & percussions


  • Fender Twin Amp

  • Fender Blues Junior

  • Orange TH30

  • Peavey 30 Classic

  • Roland Stage Bass 200

  • Ampeg & Marshall Cabinets

  • ELKA Leslie

Organs & keyboards

  • Hammond L-100

  • Farfisa Pro 110

  • Microkorg Synthesizer

  • Nord Electro Rack2

  • Yamaha NSF 150 (Control Room A)

  • Acoustic Piano Offberg

Guitars & bass

  • Fender Stratocaster'62 reissue LE

  • Fender Standard Stratocaster

  • Rickenbacker 330

  • Burns Double-Six

  • Takamine TAN 10C

  • Martin HD28

  • Pedal Steel Sho-Bud

  • Fender Mustang Bass

Drums & percussions

  • Mapex Drums (Mars Series)

  • Istanbul Agop XIST Cymbals

Looking for the right studio to record your album?

Flower Canyon Recordings, in a privileged environment and with the best possible equipment, offers you everything you need